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CABANON 2006/5
CABANON 2006/10
Christmas event in CABANON 2006/12

Souvenirs from France and America 2007/3

musline spring and summer - with veriteco 2007/5
musline fall and winter at CABANON + cercle un sept 2007/9
musline from Brown+ department store at BRIQUE2007/10
Christmas gift at CABANON 2007/12

ozon 3day smarket 2008/1
BRIQUE spring collection at Marilu 2008/3
BRIQUE 花と世界紀行展 at にじ画廊 2008/4
x3 collaborate event at YANAGI VINTAGE in DAIKANYAMA with 017 2008/5
BRIQUE いったりきたり展 atAMULET 2008/5

「Brown+ veriteco 」 展示会 at 月の工房 2008/6

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